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Not only in quality, but also in pursuit of perfection

The company was founded in the end of 199 X, is specializing in the production of various specifications of modern emerging enterprises. It is a Sino foreign joint venture invested by A group, B group and C company. The production technology and equipment, the company introduced the United States, Germany, Taiwan and other countries and regions in 90s to the advanced level of money, hired senior experts and senior management experts pipe production, establish and improve the quality system in accordance with ISO9002-94 "- the production and installation of quality assurance quality system standard" mode, in strict accordance with the standard...
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Innovative products not only quality, but also the pursuit of perfection


Enterprise development, hand in hand with you, I move forward together

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Good products come from intimate service


Strive to build a high quality service cooperation system​

24 hours online service company for your dedicated service to our active play the advantages of local resources, playing the "Taiwan card", "Bao card" and "card", to further strengthen economic and trade cooperation with taiwan. In order to give you better service experience, the special launch of 24 hours online service. XX company serves you wholeheartedly. Professional focus, dedicated service; perfect; the pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of excellence, to create a happy life; to provide value-added services to create loyal users; the quality of dream speed determines the future; unity of hope, cohesion strength; customers in my heart, quality in my hands; carefully adhere to professional, timely and accurate knowledge to change the fate of honesty; that labor creates wealth; the detail...

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